E-PRANCE Premium Manual Citrus Juicer is the best choice when you need help in juicing lemons, orange or other hull-free fruits. Compared with other lemon squeezers in the market, our products are more powerful and functional in these aspects below:

High-quality Build

Our juicer is made of high-strength metal,zinic alloy, which makes the gadget solid and durable. We ensure that you can use it for a very long time.

Original Flavor Reserved

Many people complain that the electrical juicer ruins the original flavour of citrus fruits. But with E-PRANCE Manual Citrus Juicer in hand, this won't be a problem anymore.

Firm Lemon Fixation and No Seeds into Juice

With unique raised-stripe design on the bottom, you don't need to fix the lemon with your hand, just insert the lemon and press the handle, and the seeds will stay out of the juice.

No Splattering

It keeps the juice directed in a narrow stream into your bowl or cup; it doesn't splatter or get your hands sticky at all.

High Yield and Easy to Clean

It uses leverage to eke out every last drop of juice. And it cleans up very easily. Just put it into dishwater. It won't rust.

How to Use

1, Cut the lemon in to 2 halves;
2, Insert the halved lemon cut-side-down;
3, Press the handles together firmly until it has extracted all the juice.


Extended Angle: 90 degree
Net weight: 400g
Size:220*73*45 (mm)