So we guess you must like eat can/tin if you see this?

Have you had trouble to open the can/tin?

It is must very painful when you can't open the delicious can/tin, right?

E-PRANCE Hand Can Opener is here promotion for you!

Convenient and Safe

With a side cutting design, make this product is very suitable for most cans and tins, carring a protection set, which also cover the sharp blade.

Efficient and Easy to operate

All you need is just to put the can opener in an right place of the can, then rorating the knob till it finished, very efficient and easy to operate.

Clean and Healthy

The most improtant of our life is clear and healty, with this kind professional can opener, you don't need to worry about those problem. It won't touch your food, and won't let the cutted part fell into the cans/tins.


1, Material: Metal and Plastic
2, Color: Black
3, Product Size: 220*60*40mm
4, Package Size: 220*60*42mm
5, Gross Weight: 160g
6, Net Weight: 135g