Management Personnel

Sales Manager

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Job Responsibility:

1. Responsible for the management of all accounts, lead the team to carry out all aspects of works

2. Responsible for market research and analysis, setting up marketing strategies, controling risk transactions

3. Achieve the sales target set by the company

4. Responsible for the safety of accounts, improving the safety and credibility of accounts

5. Responsible for researching and developing new products, bringing in new products 

6. Responsible for arranging valueable products to sell in the platform, cross-promoting it to improve the Sales


Job Qualifications:

1. College degree or above, Proficiency in English, English major or CET6

2. Interested in E-commerce, better with one or two year's foreign trade experience or E-commerce working


3. With keen market analysis ability, familiar with overseas market and consumer behavior,  with excellent sales

and network marketing planning skills

4. Pleasant personality, flexible thinking, strong logicality, responsible, enthusiastic, can work under pleasure

5. Familiar with Amazon sales or with practical experience of operation

6. Initiative and responsible, with good team work spirits, management ability and communication skill