Marketing Personnel

EN Customer Support/Service

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Job Responsibility:

1. Responsible for the customer service work of Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress, improving customer satisfaction

2. Improving the management of orders, handling orders, replying e-mails to ensure that orders are completed

on time

3. Improving the speed that clients need, and the capacity of solving problems

4. Finish the task assigned by the leader, actively cooperate with other departments and solve urgent questions

Job Qualifications:

1. College degree or above, CET 6, Proficiency in English reading and writing

2. Preferable for people with customer service experience of Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress and etc

3. Good communication skills, be able to solve customer problems independently, including consultation, after-

sales, complaints etc, can maintain the maximum interests of company

4. With team spirit and a sense of service, honest and trustworthy, hardworking, strong learning ability,

adaptability, have passion and interests in E-commerce

5. Initiative and passionate, flexible and hardworking, can work under pressure